Begining of Human

Begining of Human

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Muslims believe that the beginning of human beings came from Hazrat Adam, may peace be upon him, and that is why he is called Abu al-Bashar, meaning the father of mankind.

And the origin of humanity from Hazrat Adam, peace be upon him, is proven by a very strong argument, for example, the census of the world shows that a hundred years ago, the number of people in the world was much less than today, and a hundred years before that, even more.

At least, while moving towards the past like this, the end of this lack will be found to be one caste and that caste is Hazrat Adam, peace and blessings be upon him.

But their culmination will be on the one caste of the Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Similarly, no matter how numerous the children of Israel are, the end of all this abundance will be on the one caste of Hazrat Yaqub, may the blessings and peace of God be upon him.

Now, if we start moving upwards in the same way, then all the families and tribes of man will end up on one person whose name in all the heavenly books is Adam alayhi al-salawat wa-salaam and it is not possible that that one person is born in the current way of birth.

He was born, that is, he was born from his mother and father, because even if a father is assumed for him, where did the mother come from, and then where did he himself come from whom he believed to be the father?

Therefore, it is necessary that he was born without parents, and when he was born without parents, he was definitely born in a different way, and that is the way that the Qur'an told that Allah created him from clay, which is the dwelling place of man.

It is the basic component of the world. Then it is also obvious that when a human being came into existence like this, another existence was needed from which the human race could continue.

A human being was created from his existence, because the species had already existed from the birth of a person, so the second existence was created in a way that was lower than the first existence and higher than the normal human existence, that is, one of Hazrat Adam, peace and blessings be upon him.

His left rib was taken out during his rest and his wife Hazrat Hawwa (may God be pleased with him) was born from him.

Since Hazrat Hawa radhiyallahu ta'ala was not born from the union of a man and a woman, she cannot have children. After waking up from his dream, Hazrat Adam saw Hazrat Hawa Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anhako beside him, and love for the same sex was born in his heart. Addressing Hazrat Hawa, may Allah be pleased with him, he said: Who are you? He said: Woman. He said: Why were you born? He said: For the sake of pacifying the Prophet (peace be upon him), so Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him) became familiar with them. (Khazan, al-Nisa, under verse: 1, 1 / 340)

This is the reasonable and understandable way to trace the origins of the human race. The rest is what some people have come up with like monkeys, that man is made of monkeys, then this is absurd at the highest level. Here we seriously pose some questions. If you consider them, the truth will come to you.

The question is that if man is made from monkeys, then why could not a modern monkey become a human for many thousands of years and why the whole world could not make a monkey human today?

Also, when did the process of becoming humans from monkeys begin? Who saw this happening? Who is its narrator? From which old book has this been studied? And when did this series start and since when was the ban on monkeys, sir! Don't let anyone dare to be human in the future. Also, if man was made from a monkey, what was made of the tail? Did the tail fall off as soon as it became a human being or was it cut off after some time or was it cut off after a while?

And anyway, whatever happened, is there any evidence that humans with tails existed? Only a monkey can talk about monkeys. It is surprising that what is making a noise all over the world has no direct meaning, no solidity, no history. Just by setting up imaginary assumptions, a good person has been compared to a monkey.