Human Dignity

Human Dignity by Surah An-Nas:

From this, the greatness and nobility of man were also known, that Allah, the Exalted, spoke to him about His Lordship. Scholars have stated this point here that the word ``Al-Nas'' is mentioned five times in this Surah.

The wisdom in this is that since a human being is only nurtured during childhood, first of all, "Rabbi-Al-Nas" ie. He mentioned the attribute of lordship. When a person becomes intoxicated and goes astray in his youth, at that time there is a need for a legal grip on him, that is why he said "Malik al-Nanas" meaning the king of people, and since a person is worshiped in his old age.

He is busy with me, that is why he mentioned the Attribute of God Almighty and Divinity in the third place, i.e. ``Illah-i-lnaas''.

In the fourth place, Al-Nas may refer to the righteous people that the devil usually tries to divert from worship through whispers, and in the fifth place, Al-Nas may refer to evil-loving and riotous people, who seek refuge there from the evil of people.